2 Seconds With Bubbles & La Toya

by on Aug.30, 2010

1. By grieving for man through ape, she echoes Fernando Pessoa when he exclaimed, “O my dead childhood! Forever living corpse in my breast!”

2. By grieving for man through ape, she not only invokes her brother’s Peter Pan syndrome, but drags his longing all the way back to the cave.

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  1. Lucas

    “Can we talk a little bit about love?”

    I’m considering Koko as a drag name. Still my heart belongs to Copito de Nieve from the Barcelona zoo:


  2. MDF

    What happened to #1-8?

    Interesting that she wore all white.

    And how different this entire scene would have been if Bubbles had actually spat on LaToya: an unruly cipher that in aggression does not comply with the maudlin fantasy she projects onto him.

  3. Lucas

    I decided to be elliptical.

    It might feel right to have Bubbles spit, what with his name and all. But yes, it would’ve made her think more about her abusive ex than MJ. If she is self-pitying here, I’m happy to overlook it because I find her gaze toward the animal so interesting and rich. La Toya’s exhibitionism has come a long way since Playboy.