Cunt Gushers

by on Sep.14, 2010

So I was at some poetry thang last year and right before I scrambled up on stage someone told me that some “experimental male poets” had coined a new phrase for their “experimental” female counterparts: cunt gushers.

As in, “O that ol’ cunt gusher’s up taking her pussy on sublunary walks in public again!”

I’m totally embracing this. Poetry is such a lame-ass term anyways. Deserves to be chucked overboard. From now on, I write cunt gushers!

4 comments for this entry:
  1. Aylin

    I promise, this will be the only time I’ll write this: I need the like button!

  2. lily

    I’ve never considered myself a poet, but right now, I want nothing more than to call myself a cunt gusher. xoxo

  3. Nick Demske

    These “experimental male poets” need a tardy pass, man. I’ve been cunt gushin’ since the gushin’ got good.

  4. jeremy

    Autobiography of a Schizophrenic Girl: “I still had to fix the limits of my personality.[…] When I urinated and it was raining torrents outside, I was not at all certain whether it was not my own urine bedewing the world, and I was gripped by fear.”