Making Alliansen Cry (More from Aylin B.B.)

by on Sep.14, 2010

Aylin sent me this anti-conservative-block music video. With its communist kitsch, mythological figures, cake-eating, cross-dressing and all around non-modernist tastelessness (definitely “betraying modernism”), it seems to tie into a lot of discussions on this blog and related forums. It may actually be the music video Heidi Lynn Staples wishes Lady Gaga would make:

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  1. Aylin

    If you look up this particular version on youtube you can choose it with English subtitles.

  2. Johannes

    Maybe this will take you there:


  3. Lara Glenum

    We’ve obviously been far too limited in our approach, Johannka. These women are the bomb.

  4. Johannes

    Don’t make my inner modernist cry, Lara.


  5. Lara Glenum

    Cry, inner modernist, cry!