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  1. The Modesto Kid

    I can’t figure out how this question works. If an item is cherished (which it would need to be for it to be a favorite) then it is no longer detritus — detritus is by definition anonymous/generic. I could name a favorite type of detritus — could say, perhaps, that I really dig the Chinese take-out menus you see lying willy-nilly on the tile floors of the halls of Upper West Side apartment buildings — but once I seize on a particular one of these menus, take it home and elevate it to my favorite bit of detritus, I’ve taken away its detritus-ness.

  2. Rawbbie

    Whenever I go on drunk walks, which happens more frequently than some think it should, I find things in my pocket in the morning. I assume that these things were detritus, but i could have stolen them. Things I’ve found in my pocket:
    A letter opener
    A burping rag with an embroidered monkey on it
    A torn piece of a curtain
    A pair of eye glasses
    Folded pieces of paper, usually with other peoples handwriting on them

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