Where Else I Come From

by on Sep.24, 2010

CA conrad in the bathtubAntony Hegarty

What does it mean to be Earth Mother? As the planet dies, what does Earth Mother do? Does she throw her hands up in the air and weep? Does she shit in the bathtub in protest? Does she make everyone get a divorce and kill off their offspring? Is her motherhood, which is like the presence of a mother raven, enough? Maybe it’s best for Earth Mother to make the children cry by stuffing Kafka inside their assholes and singing with Boy George?

I feel a vibration in the Earth Mother that is as hard as a weed but as soft as a sad gay bar.

A relentless fucking.

Mother Conrad. Mother Hegarty.

You are the murky lakes in campsites where, as a child, I never got to go.

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