Monica Mody on SS Prasad

by on Oct.07, 2010

[Here’s an interesting review of an interesting book. The review is by Notre Dame grad Monica Mody; the book is by SS Prasad. Read the full review on the Lantern Review Blog.]

Review: S S Prasad’s 100 POEMS
2010 OCTOBER 5
tags: 100 Poems, nanopoems, SS Prasad
by Monica Mody
100 Poems by S S Prasad | STD Pathasala 2008 | $10 or INR 100

Art interested in and interacting with technology, and the technology of its production, can pose some pretty intriguing questions. Bangalore-based poet S S Prasad, in his nanopoems, attempts to engage with new technologies of writing and with code as language. Collected in print in the book 100 Poems, these nanopoems were first written for the microchip as surface for inscription: Prasad, apart from being a poet, happens to be an engineer working for a prominent Silicon Valley company. Not all the poems ended up being nanoed (“nano” denotes one billionth of a meter), but even in print, even to the naked eye, they as a group assert their micro-aesthetic. What’s interesting is that their micro-ness is a response to Raul Zurita’s sky poems, which the back cover blurb tells us is an intertext whose scalar proportions Prasad inverted.

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