Lightning Bolt

by on Nov.10, 2010

In response to John Woods post on Fort Thunder, Sam White wrote me the following:

“Yeah, Lightning Bolt is one of those bands you have to catch if you ever get a chance. They’re easily one of the best live acts I’ve seen because their music is really well crafted and really hard and jet engine loud. Plus they play on the ground and there’s always a huge crowd surging around them, so unless you’re up front it’s pretty hard to see them. But they generally play with one clamp light on them so the experience from the back is this incredibly thunderous music and a weird glow emanating from the center of a massive crowd. Plus Brian Chippendale usually wears a hand-made mask with the microphone harnessed to his face while he drums. And his vocals are distorted so its sounds like some kind of bizarre murmuring. I’ve seen them a few times and they never disappoint, usually the venue is some bombed out Mill building at 3 in the morning. Pretty great.”

Here’s a youtube clip:

This perhaps brings a different spin on the idea of “messy” art.

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