"Transition was Rauschenberg’s favored mode."

by on Nov.27, 2010

There’s an interesting review of the new Gagosian show of picks from Rauschenberg’s immense career. It kind of ties into the “filter” discussion here, as it’s about filtering the best work from Rauschenberg’s career. It also discusses him in terms of not the traditional Great Artist who is too pristine to engage in activities other than his/her own art (a trope I criticize below), but actually engaged in a lot of activities:

“He danced, composed, gave away money and initiated diplomatic missions, always on behalf of art.”

[I wanted to add, that when one goes through the Öyvind Fahlström archives (letters, exhibitions, ideas, performances etc), Rauschenberg comes off as a really great guy. Fahlström was critical of Rauschenberg’s (and other American artists’) political naivete, but Rauschenberg seems to have been a big supporter of Fahlström’s work.]

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