Best Books of the Year

by on Dec.25, 2010

So everyone is making these lists of the best books of the year. I don’t know if these are the best ones, but here are some books I really liked:

Sara Stridsberg – Drömfakulteten, Darling River
My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me – anthology of contemporary fairytales edited by Kate Bernheimer
Unclean Women – Alissa Nutting
Nick Demske by Nick Demske
Johan Jönson’s Livdikt
Serial Killers by Mark Seltzer
Ronaldo Wilson – Poems of the Black Object, Narrative of the Brown Boy
Gordon Massman – The Essential Numbers
Hunger Artists by Maud Ellman
The Politics of Jean Genet’s Late Theater by Carl Lavery
Poemland by Chelsey Minnis
My New Job by Cathy Wagner
Bolano’s Antwerp (and all the rest of the bonanza)
Blake Butler’s Scorch Atlas
Maw Maw by Ryan Downey (unpublished)
Kalapani by Monica Mody (unpublished)
Infidel Poetics by Daniel Tiffany
The re-release of Norma Cole’s translation of Danielle Collobert
In the Break by Fred Moten
Just Kids by Patti Smith
Ventrakl by Christian Hawkey
Srecko Kosovel (also from ugly duckling)
Sara Tuss Efrik’s Salong Rapunsel (unpublished, forthcoming next year)
James Pate’s unpublished book of poetry/prose (OK that’s it no more unpublished books)

I’ll post some more if I remember any.

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  1. Johannes

    I tried to be fancy and put in a picture of Sara Stridsberg but I don’t actually know if that is her. Just a google search. However, theres’ a “river” in the photo, so that was enough of a tie-in, I think.

  2. Amish

    Wasn’t Poemland last year, or did you read it this year?

  3. Johannes

    A lot of these books were not actually published this year, but I read them this year. /Johannes

  4. m kitchell

    danielle collobert is essential

  5. Johannes

    You should check out Johan Jönson’s Collobert Orbital, which I translated, published by Displaced Press last year./Johannes

  6. The Modesto Kid

    My three fave 2010 books I read in 2010 were A Visit From the Goon Squad, Super Sad True Love Story, and El arte de la resurrección. More 2010 reading notes at my blog.

  7. Kate Durbin

    Who’s publishing Sarah Tuss Efrik?

  8. Johannes

    The press is Rosenlarv ( BUt it’s in Swedish, not in translation. I am going to try to take some time to translate a part of it because it’s really great. You would love it.

  9. Nick Demske

    i’m super-geeked to have made it to this list, but it’s even cooler that downey and moody made it to the list. Now I want to read those manuscripts.

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