by on Dec.14, 2010


So I get a job serving drinks poolside at this resort. I’m wearing all white, it’s great. Then it’s like 14 hours of tomfoolery and fire codes. It’s so bad I book a ticket to Canada and start ending every sentence like a question. I have so much fear in me it’s like I need surgery to remove it. This is before AIDS. Everybody is high. They want to play doctor but I just want a real doctor. Spend the night naked facedown on a bear rug and have fucked up dreams like a documentary. Like I’m in a shelter and people are writing shit on the internet like they know me.

[text originally appeared in Sink Review]

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  1. Johannes

    I like his shirt, it’s like he’s got a big hole in his belly and some girls are playing in there, strangely echoing the girls on the beach motif.