13 Necropastorals

by on Jan.26, 2011

Nothing's gonna change my world…

1. Pere Lachaise Stadium: The Olympic graves of Victor Hugo and Jim Morrison.

2. Slow digestion of moribund sedans down the sclerotic gravel paths of the Mishawaka cemetery to plant miniature plastic flags on the graves of veterans. The older grave markers are relieved with wreaths: shed, necrotic tissue of Ancient Greece: laurel wreaths: scelerodermic; crown the invisible (airy) brows of dead soldiers. Two black rubber tires sag wearily into the grass, carbon dioxide leaps hungrily into the air.

3. The Olympic torch handoff at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, itself not an ancient tradition but an invention of Carl Diem, director of the Olympics, classified as a ‘white Jew’ because his wife was from a Jewish family and because he employed Jews.

4. This counterfeit tradition re-staged for Riefenstahl’s film. Double counterfeit. Doppelganger. False equivalency.

5. Weep for Adonais, uhm, Lycidas! He is, uhm, dead. We used to herd sheep together, when we were girls in Ireland.

6. Torch handoff as counterfeit, anachronistic, pastoral media. Ditto shepherd’s pipe, ditto elegy, ditto laurel wreathes, ditto plastic flowers softly releasing chemical compounds into the air on the truck/weather route border of Michigan and Indiana.

7. Alien corn.

8. Not to link the past to the future, but to participate simultaneously in a past and a future which is a cancelled out present tense—a present tense in negative. The blackout curtain. The (permeable) wall of sound.

9.Video for Across the Universe, Laibach remix; domination of the world by the English language via media.

10. Time out of mind: Syncope; a pastoral removal; a blackout; somnambulism, per Mesmerism; time’s would-be dialectic, thrown off, swung back, a heavy foot in a black Orthopedic shoe (oh you). Et in syncope ego.

11. This bathtub, this sandwich, this outlandish scarf, this carryon luggage, this sleeping pill, this leather belt, this cupcake oven, that sent me Letheward! To drink this bathtub to the very drains and Letheward sink!

12. The Bataillean sense of irritation: an enflamed and shedding and spasming membrane. The ocean jacks off.

13. Wall of sound you read with a needle. Soup that eats like a meal. Capitalism’s carcinogenic distributional systems. A digital littoral. A staticky littoral. A speakingtube littoral. A spirit telephone litoral. A grooved, black, and vinyl littoral.

10 comments for this entry:
  1. The Modesto Kid

    I was of three minds,/ Like a cemetery/ In which there are three graves.

  2. Joyelle McSweeney

    Precisely, MK, precisely.

  3. Monica Mody

    Oh should I have added the Laibach video is also beautiful. My favorite: the bobbing Adam’s apple.

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  5. Stephen

    Joyelle, this is simply stunning. An original work of yours, no? Your voice is all over it.

  6. Joe Bratcher

    transfixed by the words, “carbon dioxide leaps hungrily into the air”. this is amazing. exactly why i read this blog.

  7. Shane Anderson

    me like.

    i’m sure you have, but have you checked out the work of Heiner Müller much?

    this blog seems like it would love him but never, in my memory, has spoken of him.


  8. Johannes

    Yes, I love his plays. My new book, Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate, is very much influenced by Hamletmachine; and Johan Jönson, a Swedish poet I translate, is a member of the Swedish performance group Teatermaskinen, the name of which is an homage to Muller.

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