On Wisconsin 4: Dispatches from Poets on the Ground: Tom Hibbard

by on Mar.09, 2011

The poet Tom Hibbard has sent us this poem-bulletin from the protests in Wisconsin. It is the third of a series of reports from the ground. You can read Roberto Harrison’s here, Brenda Cárdenas’s post here and Melissa Czarnik’s here.


the winters’ gold
went back to its families
the snow melted
on the steps of the state Capitol
in Madison, Wisconsin
and more snow fell
and more snow and more
plowed into mighty piles
the dead came out of their graves
they said “yes, that’s right
“we haven’t had to wait that long
“those snow piles are just like those we knew”
then the police arrived
and said, “this is a day of glory
“look at all the children walking around
“some people from platteville
“some people from minnesota
“this day will last forever
“like the granite of the state Capitol”
just above student housing
on Mifflin Street and Pinkney
on the anniversary of working people
in the general celebration
of poverty and sadness

2. Tom writes:
below are two urls…one is to a good ongoing report from a progressive madison newspaper called the capital times. the other is a place to contribute to the fourteen senators…all of whom have had recalls filed against them…by an out-of-state utah recall group according to the news



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  2. Nick Demske

    hibbard is a shaman, man. in an e-mail he sent me the other day, he said, “i think the important thing is to remember that this is an ongoing fight…that is to say this is what our poetry has been about all along anyway.” And that really makes sense to me.

    I wrote this small article on him a year ago or so but, at the bottom, there’s a video of him reading. go watch it. he’s talking about “false value,” subdivisions and farm land and this was at myopic books long before any of this horrific political turmoil could have even been foreseen. here’s the link to the article and video: http://nickipoo.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/tom-hibbard-wisconsin-all-star/

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