We the False-Conscious Bombers of Planet Earth, part one

by on Apr.06, 2011

V for Victory

“One should not act or speak as if he were asleep.” -Heraclitus

~ ~ ~

Suspect my every word, sleepwalker. We, first of all, because who are we. Are we asleep, are we sick, are we sickening? Is a drunken sleepwalker to be woken? Are people to touch one another through a radioactive fog? The body politic stumbles through dreams, false-conscious projections. All the bombs are ours. This will not be true tomorrow. What will. Bombs dropping are roses, are razor blades, are fig leaves, are the Obama (non)Doctrine, are emancipation, are budget deficits, are…

[…dollar signs? The Obama Administration had to scrap plans for a multi-million dollar arms deal with a known dictator who is currently using previously dealt arms from the U.S. and its allies to kill his own people. We have been dropping bombs and firing missiles at said dictator’s country (trying hard to miss civilians, of course), pulverizing infrastructure that will one day have to be replaced — more dollar signs, there — and assuring more arms will be bought/sold to replace those having now been used.

This is America. We give bombs like they’re presents from the birthday store, some in crates, some falling out of the sky, What do you need ’em for? Pangs, unprogressing labor, give them apocalyptic c-sections and charge their insurance plan. Bedside manner and all that. Smile (click) for the photo. Now it’s history, victory, birth, rubble…]

~ ~ ~

“…[in reification] a relation between people takes on the character of a thing and thus acquires a ‘phantom objectivity’, an autonomy that seems so strictly rational and all-embracing as to conceal every trace of its fundamental nature: the relation between people.”

“Reification requires that a society should learn to satisfy all its needs in terms of commodity exchange. The separation of the producer from his means of production, the dissolution and destruction of all ‘natural’ production units, etc., and all the social and economic conditions necessary for the emergence of modern capitalism tend to replace ‘natural’ relations which exhibit human relations more plainly by rationally reified relations.”


~ ~ ~

Sleepwalkers cry foul at public union thieves, crafty pickpockets wearing those little black masks that cover only the eyes and nose. The mouth is gagged but is not seen. Sleepwalkers’ ears are plugged, fingers de-waxing eternal holes eternally, in-out, in-out. Their dreams are a mantra repeated ad infinitum, first to those on their left, then to those on their right: you took my money, you took my money, you took

[…less than private sector laborers at the same level of education and experience. And are willing to take even less if it helps everyone else, only don’t touch teachers’ bargaining rights. Hands off the humanity. We’d rather be messy than fixed.

“Play fair” means this system sucks for almost everyone. CEOs, corporate boards, and hedge fund managers, if they were to give their bonuses to the workers and investors without whom they have nothing, equally splitting those numbers to everyone responsible for their companies’ profits, would put thousands in the pockets of everyday people who would then go buy their products. Even when capitalism “works” it doesn’t work.

Pick a corporation. Pick an investment bank. Find out how much they pay in executive bonuses. Divide by the number of their workers. Divide by the number of their clients. Do the math. Corporate profits are up, wages and hiring are stagnant and worse, private retirements are down, the big banks are rolling along. No jobs created in the U.S. from 1999-2009, years of the largest corporate profits ever. Google it, but don’t inhale. If it means going back to some imagined golden age, we’re beyond fixing…]

~ ~ ~

“The waking have one world in common.”

“Death is what we see when awake, when we are asleep it is dreams.”


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