Another Review of Kim Hyesoon (and Don Mee Choi)

by on Apr.13, 2011

Australian critic Joel Scott has reviewed Kim Hyesoon’s Mommy Must be a Fountain of Feathers and Don Mee Choi’s The Morning News Is Exciting!.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In Kim, the body is inextricably and painfully knitted into the industrial landscape. Again, this knitting does not serve an erotic function. Kim’s problem seems to be an optical one: how to distinguish the body from the landscape when there appears to be no clear difference between organic and inorganic bodies. In fact, in Kim’s poetry, organs seem to be largely autonomous from their bodies.”

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  1. don mee

    Thanks again, Johannes!

    Here is another response from Bruce Fulton, translator of modern Korean fiction (with Ju-chan) and scholar of Korean lit:

    “Wow, these two reviews are a breakthrough. There is nothing like them among other reviews of translations of Korean lit, and of course what is groundbreaking here is the review of a translation alongside a
    creative work by the translator.”