Art Crimes: Free Binayak Sen Graffiti

by on Apr.05, 2011

Graffiti supporting Dr Binayak Sen has been proliferating all over Delhi, claiming public spaces that range from walls to park benches, public toilets, billboards, buses, and police checkpoints.

In Dec 2010, physician and human rights activist Dr Binayak Sen was convicted of sedition and sentenced to life in prison for “colluding with” Maoist insurgents.

Here are some images (curated by Tara Franziska on facebook):

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  1. Johannes Göransson

    I was thinking about grafiti pertaining to the original Art is Crime post: in some way James’s poem, removed from the boundaries of the classroom defining it as a Poem became more like grafiti. He was free because that one officer was a good poetry reader – ie could identify the letter as poetry. I also thought of it when Ryan said that he appreciated the legal problems of the grafiti artists.


  2. James Bellard

    Not only could he identify it as poetry after he read your poems, but he identified it as poetry as he read your poems. He was very interesting in your poetry that he read, but not becuase of the poetry itself, and it had an effect that can’t be synthesized.

    Those give me the feeling that he’s locked up inside each the object that the graffiti is on. The artist could be using this to cast blame on certain entities for Binayak’s incarceration. This is most evident on the police building.

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