Books in front of me:

by on Apr.27, 2011

Daniel Borztuzky, Book of Interfering Bodies
Andrew Joron, Science Fiction
Danielle Pafunda, Iatrogenic, Their Testimonies
Artaud Anthology (City Lights)
Curdled Skulls: Poems of Bernard Bador
Psycho motor Breathscapes by John Noto
The Resistance of Poetry by James Longenbach (haven’t read this one yet)
The Tunnel by William Gass (the audio CD version, borrowed from Kate Marshall across the hallway)
Fiction 100 (some anthology that got sent to me, I’ve never even opened it)
What If (Another fiction anthology I haven’t opened)
Sentimental Men: Masculinity and the Politics of Affect in American Culture
Louise Bourgeois (a catalog)
Caught By the Tail by George Baker (about Picabia)
The Seaside by Heather Christle
Area Sneaks (a journal)
Charles Baudelaire’s THe Flowers of Evil (New Directions edition, belonging to the school library, as most of these books)
Invitation to a Beheading (Nabokov)
Trilce (by James Wagner)

[This is just a random list of the books I’ve shoved on the first shelf of my office.]

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  1. Carina Finn

    books on the couch with me at the moment I read this post:

    that pretty pretty; or, the rape play (sheila callaghan)
    freud’s dora (patrick mahony)
    ugly feelings (sianne ngai)
    the necropastoral (joyelle mcsweeney)
    dialogues II (deleuze & parnet)
    fairies and fusiliers (robert graves)
    crank (ellen hopkins)
    a brochure for the notre dame gender studies program