Johannes Goransson's Lowbrow Day…. (Gary Baseman)

by on Apr.02, 2011

Johannes is in NYC for his brother’s 40th (happy birthday, Jesper!) and snuck out of the Man United bar (a football bar, not a gay bar, I guess) to go on a Lowbrow tour of Chelsea, pausing first at H & M for some lowbrow Scandinavian shopping.

Here’s what he saw:

Wait, how did Divine get in this post?

You’re going to reap/Just what, you sow….

[I added Gary Baseman to the title, since he’s the artist of this show (though I managed to tear through quite a few).]

2 comments for this entry:
  1. Carina Finn

    the figures in the third picture look like playing pieces from that board game cranium, which is a delightful blending of high/low-brow <3

  2. Ryan Sanford Smith

    I have an ekphrastic poem on that second to last piece; small world? Or not so small? Regardless, I’m jealous. Might be interesting to think I’ve never written anything ekphrastic based on art I’ve seen in person…