by on Apr.28, 2011

I love how unnatural this quote by D&G makes artists & philosophers seem.

Also, artists & philosophers are both decadent. If they say they are not, they are lying or deceived. Is it healthy or sick when you are decadent? (Side note: the unexpurgated edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray has just come out, containing passages which had been removed in 1890 for being the kind “an innocent woman would make an exception to”.) Also, I’m thinking that the “quiet mark of death” has force – it doesn’t just make the artist fragile – it’s the force that lets her – and art – invade (the body and spirit as “medicine”). It’s the reason art is so undemocratic. A despot, plague, cannibalistic.

I propose we make art as if we are already dead. “Love and Death are the same thing!”

This makes me think of Kumar Gandharva, the Indian classical musician who sang with one lung after receiving his mark of death: a long illness and surgery removing a cancerous lung. Many of the songs he loved to sing in his later career had been written by Kabir who only thought about death, and love, no matter what else his songs were about. Here’s Kumar Gandharva singing Kabir.

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