Contamination (pt 2): Stina Kajaso

by on Jun.02, 2011

I promised I would write something about Marjorie Perloff’s new book and Kenny Goldsmith’s constant Taste-making, and I’ll get around to that, but I’d rather write about some stuff I like…

For example, I love Stina Kajaso’s blog, Son of Daddy, a kind of journal of aphorisms and dreams and rants about the eurovision contest and theories of performance art etc.

Here are some of my favorite moments (my poor translation):

A new era of black magic clown school Kajaso. I’ll adopt one clown from every continent and laugh myself to death.

… I am not girl material, not even material, much less woman, I’m a stoned witch from the middle ages. I should start doing drugs.

And aren’t you starting to hate the word performance now? People throw that word around all the time these days. Like “show your tits” kind of.
Hi I’m going to do a performance..
Show your tits!
Like theater kind of.
Theater is a skanky ass hoe.

Woke up with Lady Gaga straddling me. Soaking long yellow purple pink hair that dropped into my mouth. Ah, the taste of wet dog.

She shouted in my ear JU DA JUDA AH AH! JU DA JUDA AH AH!
And I try to silence her with my hands, but it wasn’t enough, couldn’t reach in? I said: you know, I don’t even like that song, fact is that the only song I really find tolerable is paparazzi, I think you dance pretty badly too, but I like you as a human being, can we be friends? Then she started washing my feet with her hair. I mean people can do what they want…

I’m not doing it justice. Go to her blog and read it if you know Swedish, and if you don’t, just look at her collages (I especially like the one where she acts like the Ring-girl beneath the bed with the giant Barbie) and the photos from her performance as sad bunny in an elevator in Malmö. She’s got some texts in the (shortly) upcoming special Swedish issue of Action, Yes, edited by Sara Tuss Efrik, whose writing I also love, and Anna Thörnell. It will be out in a couple of weeks.

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