Contamination (pt 3): What I'm Reading This Morning

by on Jun.02, 2011

Here is some very contaminated stuff I’ve read this morning:

Stina Kajaso’s Son of Daddy Blog
Sara Tuss Efrik’s “Automanias”
Kate Durbin’s “N O Bikini”
Marissa Crawford’s Reversible
Laura Mullen’s Brides
Tree of Diana by Alejandra Pizarnik
Nick Demske
And of course this:

This may be a mixed tape of sorts, and if it is I could call it “The Gurlesque Smells LIke Victory in the Morning” or “Splattered Prom Queen” or “Fashion Writings for the Underworld” or “Contaminated Bodies.” I like to give my mixed tapes sensationalistic names like that.

I’m also reading WJT Mitchell’s book about Abu Ghraib (talk about “accessible” art!), so that’s figuring into things as well.

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