Jake Thompson's fashionasty blog

by on Jun.23, 2011

I’m working on a post about excessive beauty, photography, and white tigers, but in the meantime I wanted to plug one of my favorite online bastions of excess.  I’m talking about the blog maintained by Minneapolis sensation Jake Thompson:  fashionasty.   Highlights include pictures of Thompson and friends ‘meating’ John Waters and nuanced takedowns of Lady Gaga (“It’s like…we’ve already allowed a skinny rich bitch white girl from NYC market us to the Edge of our Glory [holes]“).  The post I sample from below, “Golden Starches: Ronald McDonald Haus Of Phat Food Fashion,” shows off Thompson’s knack for multimedia assemblage:

“4) BIRDIE: R u (haute, sticky) sweet AND sour? R u the BB(C) in ur Q’s sauce? R u like a bird? Do u wanna fly aw(g)ay…no need to look further. Pull up ur grill, & take all ur (skinny) dipping dress(ings)es out becuz ur the (Alexander) McNugget Queen. In the words of R. Kelly, “I believe we can fly, fashionasties!”

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