Christian Peet on the Shutting Down of Creative Frontiers School

by on Jul.28, 2011

Christian Peet has been doing some very interesting reporting about the shutting down of Creative Frontiers school in California. Go check it out:

It was a week ago today, 18 July 2011, California’s Department of Social Services, “until further notice by Order of the Director,” Will Lightbourne, served a “Temporary Suspension Order” at Creative Frontiers school in Citrus Heights, Sacramento County, CA, after determining there was an “immediate health and safety risk to children” at the school, and citing what the department deemed a “preponderance of evidence” of child sexual abuse.

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  1. lori

    I can understand if there was only one aligation against mr. Adams. You have to give him the banefit of the dought.You can’t just sweep 10 aligations under the rug.It’s beggining to look like the parents of the children don’t care if he did those things or not, they just want their kids back in school.It’s like they don’t care wether the aligations are true or not.

  2. Johannes Göransson

    Christian had problems posting a comment on the blog so I’m posting his comment:


    There are not 10 different allegations from 10 different people. None of the allegations were made by students/children. There are multiple allegations, but they were brought by one adult, who was recently passed over for a job at the school. For more details, please read the article(s) Johannes has linked, above. Thanks for your interest in the case. –Christian

  3. ABGT

    I’m shocked at how much the CFS accusations bear resemblance to Sherwood Anderson’s “Hands” in Winesburg, Ohio (especially the ambiguity that surrounds abuse accusations). I’m not sure what this says about the CFS situation, or about literature, but it does remind me that the media does much of the story telling these days.

  4. A parent

    As a CFS parent I can answer Lori’s question. Not one parent has said do not investigate these allegations. I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. Also keep in mind that no arrests have been made and it’s been over a month now. A lot of parents are upset because of the way the CHPD and DSS handled the situation. We also don’t under stand why the school had to be closed. They could of removed Mr Bob and Cindy while completing the investigation. It took me months to find a school that I felt would provide my child with the education and environment I wanted. I now have had to scramble to find a place for my child. This school was not just Mr Bob. The teachers, parent and children all have been affected by this situation. I do want my school reopened. This is a great school and it has been impossible to find something close to it. The test scores alone show how much this school can do for a child. Year after year my child averages 2 grades above her level. That being said a child’s safety always comes first and this should be investigated but it was handled wrong