Convento!? Anachronism! Technology! Dead Animals! Shut-ins!

by on Jul.20, 2011

Montevidayans who live in NYC: please go see Convento and report back. It’s a documentary about a dude who reanimates dead animals. Description from L magazine:

a portrait of a Dutch family living in a 400-year-old Portuguese monastery. Elderly mother Geraldine Zwanikken, a former ballerina, tends to her herb garden and sculpts; middle-aged son Louis feeds the geese and pampers his horse; and brother Christiaan makes strange, whirring sculptures out of salvaged mechanical components and the skeletons of dead animals

C O N V E N T O / trailer from Jarred Alterman on Vimeo.

This Is NOT a Hare from Jarred Alterman on Vimeo.

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