Interview with Steven Fowler at 3 am

by on Aug.28, 2011

I was interviewed by English poet Steven Fowler for the online magazine 3 am.

Here’s the announcement:

A Swede who is an American, an American who is a Swede. The irrelevancy of the nationhood of Johannes Göransson is never more obvious than in the multifarious and rapacious nature of his work – it calls on traditions too intertwined, too psychological and introverted to make its genesis of much interest. What is of interest is his industry as a translator. As well as being one of the most interesting and acerbic poets and educators currently at large in the US, he is also a vital conduit to the breadth and brilliance of contemporary Swedish poetry. For Maintenant in it’s 72nd guise, the excellent Johannes Göransson

Accompanying the interview is a significant selection from Johannes’ most recent publication.

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