Out of Nothing at All: Non-Diegetic Truth and Influence

by on Aug.10, 2011

[the above image is a clickable link to a trailer for DAN HOY’S STANLEY KUBRICK’S 2001 — couldn’t get the video embed to work for this for some reason]

I’ve been silent on Montevidayo for several weeks while attending to the coming apocalypse. Now that the apocalypse is finally coming all over our faces, I’m free to re-dematerialize and offer up some digital artifacts for the world we love to hate on. One of the projects I’ve been working on is a remake of Kubrick’s 2001. By ‘remake’ I mean I’m swapping out all the non-diegetic tracks with tracks that bore me less but still attain the kind of non-diegetic heights that Kubrick was going for (or that I would go for, whatever). I decided to do this after I realized I rip off Kubrick all the time anyway, specifically his use of text as interruption (see his terrifying use of banal title cards like ‘WEDNESDAY’ in The Shining) and his tonal approach, which I would characterize as a kind of patient impatience. I realized this around the same time I realized Gasper Noé, whom I adore (despite limited exposure to his work), is another Kubrick ripper-offer. For reference and enjoyment, here are the opening credits to his Enter the Void:

which in turn were ripped off by Kanye West / Hype Williams (starting around 1:09):

If I were making books that were just video they would look something like the above title sequences, but for now (speaking of Kubrick) I’ll stick with making adverts for non-existent books and ideas I have in passing, e.g.:

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  1. Ken Baumann

    I will watch the fuck out of DAN HOY’S STANLEY KUBRICK’S 2001. The trailer was great.