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by on Sep.01, 2011

Here’s Chris Higgs insightful review of the new Swedish issue of Action, Yes:

A beautiful woman in a bloody bunny suit smokes a cigarette and stalks the snowbanks brandishing a knife, while people in an echoey room talk about something in Swedish. I am captivated by the tension between form and content in this piece. Like the other pieces I’ve discussed here, it is unpredictable, violent, intimate, dirty, random, exciting, provocative, convulsive, imaginative, and like a villain with acid-laced candy it is luring, it lures me in.

I hope you’ll explore the new issue of Action, Yes. I’ve really only scratched the surface, and hopefully offered fodder for discussion. It’s amazing how little I feel connected to the international literary scene. What’s going on in France? What’s going on in Spain? Hell, I barely know what’s going on in Canada. And when I say “what’s going on” I mean: what’s going on in the subterranean scene, not the Nobel Booker scene. What’s the alive shit? What kind of monstrous literature is currently being produced abroad? This issue of Action, Yes gives us a welcomed glimpse.

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