Poets involved in the Wall Street Protest

by on Sep.29, 2011

Feliz Molina has written an article about poets participating in the Wall Street protests:

On Facebook, poet extraordinaire and teacher CAConrad stated he was heading to Occupy Wall Street. CAConrad is the author of The Book Of Frank and forthcoming A Beautiful Marsupial (both from Wave Books). He also hosts the poetry video blog Jupiter88. From Wall Street while in transit to teach a poetry workshop in Baltimore, he offers a glimpse of the occupation there. The poet Travis Holloway and others also created the FB page Poetry@OccupyWallStreet.


I went to NYC for the Creative Time Summit, which is thousands of socially and politically engaged artists sharing their work. The summit started on the sixth day of the Wall Street occupation. Everyone went down, all of us, more than once. There was a small part of me that hoped the police — at least a few of them — would be as angry at the people of Wall Street as the rest of us, considering the fact that cops are working class. If any of them share our working class outrage they’re hiding it well. t’s important to point out that not only is Creative Time Summit happening, along with the exhibition of 100 different works of art challenging the madness of consumer-driven politics, but the documentary BLACK POWER MIXTAPE is also showing. This new documentary is a study in police brutality. It was awful to see that film, go to Wall Street, see the police, and hear the stories of people being maced, beaten and dragged off to jail for little more than chanting anti-Wall Street chants….

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