"like physics, aesthetics is a science whose primary object is signals"

by on Oct.17, 2011

Tweeted by Jussi Parikka and quoted in this interview where Ricardo Dominguez discusses the incredible Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT). (Of course, unlike Parikka, I believe that physical materiality is not necessary for signaling through the flames.)

“Part of the TBT project is to call into question the northern cone’s imaginary about who has priority and control of who can become a cyborg or “trans” human – and immigrants are always presented as less-than-human and certainly not part of a community which is establishing and inventing new forms of life. When in fact these flowing in-between immigrant communities are a deep part of the current condition that Haraway’s research has been pointing towards – for us it is a queer turn in its emergence, both as unexpected and as desire.” “…the Transborder Immigrant Tool functions …  as dislocative media, seeking to realize the possibilities of G.P.S. as both a ‘global positioning system’ and, … a ‘global poetic system.'” “The performative matrix of TBT allows viral reportage, hate-mail, GPS, poetry, the Mexico/U.S. border, immigrants,  to encounter one another in a state of frisson – a frisson that seeks to ask what is sustenance under the sign of globalization-is-borderization.”

The poetry got Glenn Beck mad, and the artists who were part of the Electronic Disturbance Theatre 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab working on TBT came under three legal investigations – which have now been dropped – but, Dominguez says, “One strange element about the agreement that they wanted me to sign without even giving me or my legal team time to look it over was that I would never speak or write about what had happened, create any artwork that might disturb anyone and refrain from an artivist performances.”


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