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There are helicopters hovering in place above downtown Manhattan. I’m staring at them right now. They’re staring at this:

Watch it live:

1) A common criticism of OWS is its lack of focus around a clear objective. But it is precisely this lack of definition that “defines” OWS. The quickest way to diffuse its potential is to play into the state’s strategy of categorization. Definition is a mechanism of control. And to the state, anything outside its mechanisms of control does not exist. This means there are always those who are present but not counted, who “represent” nothing. These are the remainders of the system. You could argue that any revolutionary potential belongs to them. Were they to spontaneously assert their existence and somehow remain undefined it would break the system. As Mao might say approvingly: People are the disaster.

This is not to say that the “99%” are proto-revolutionaries, or that they “represent” those who are not counted. What they are is an analogue for what those who own the system fear: what cannot be defined and controlled: or, more simply: what exists. At its core OWS is not a movement of resistance or even a protest. It’s an assertion that another world is possible, one in which everyone exists and no one counts.

Of course, there are disagreements as to whether revolutionary potential can actualize without violence. Cautionary as well as laudatory references to the French Terror, etc.

Or perhaps there’s a strategy that reconciles the two. On the one hand: Stand up to those who enforce the system (police, etc.), challenge those who are blessed by the system (celebrities, etc.), and call out those who game the system (CEOs, politicians, etc.). This hand is what we call “non-violent”. The other hand: Target as violently as possible those who own the system. Go after the head. Embrace the body.

Cynics and non-cynics alike will point out that replacing those in charge will do nothing if the system itself is left in place. This is true. But it’s equally important to recognize that the enemy is not the system. This is not some abstract force causing misery across the planet, nor is it a sentient infrastructure. It’s real human beings. The system serves the people who invented it, and continue to invent it. I’m talking about the biggest assholes in Heaven. These individuals necessarily reside above the world. They do not run for president. They do not run corporations. They cannot be defined by the common criteria of wealth and power. They have only one possession, yet this possession rules us all. It’s what turns their dreams into our nightmares. It’s not money—it’s the idea of money. They own this idea. As long as they own this idea they will continue to print money out of nothing, and make the world in their own image.

This is the worst
of all possible
worlds. The problem
is the world
is all possible worlds.

“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”      —Woodrow Wilson

There are mysteries
that are fake as fuck.
There are mysterious
forces fucking us
face first. There is
misery. This is history.

Stop the Heavens
from crashing to the Earth.
This is the cry of the biggest
assholes in Heaven.

Do not be afraid
of fear. The law is
what I do for fun. Economies
are how I fuck off.

War is what people
do to pay off the people
inventing debt. Take the Rothschild
bloodline, for example. Fuck
it. Give it AIDS.

Begin with what you owe
no one. Make
shit up. Make every child
believe or die trying
not to. Raise the dead.

If the future is printed
out of nothing
become nothing.

If the future
has no future
this is where I wait for you.


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  1. impossible mike


  2. ariana


    i love you dan

  3. Johannes

    Amazing how many cops are out there.

  4. Dan Hoy

    Looks like all of them

  5. Ben

    im at 13th and 5th ave, 5th floor window view. its all really alarming. ive heard nothing but sirens and helicopters for almost three hours. im also streaming the front of the march off of

    just curious does anyone know how they are getting that aerial shot?

  6. Dan Hoy

    I think they’re tapped into one of the media helicopters like CNN. Union Square march is headed to Foley Square now, which is already full of people.

  7. Laura Carter

    Thanks for posting! Awesome.

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  9. Kent Johnson

    I know this is only tangentially connected, but has anyone else seen that there’s an exploding controversy in Latin American intellectual circles over Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s major plagiarism (in their 2009 book Commonwealth) of the Peruvian scholar Anibal Quijano? Apparently, one of the Commonwealth’s major sections, on the extensions of colonialist dynamics into cultural modernity and post, is transparently poached, without any mention of source, from Quijano. Mark Driscoll first exposed this in a recent issue of Postmodern Culture.

    Au courant Revolutionary theory. Well, you wouldn’t have it without colonialism, I guess…