"Fuck Art": More on Nathalie Djurberg

by on Nov.13, 2011

I found this interesting interview in conjunction with writing this earlier post about Djurberg’s Walker Art Center exhibition.

I love her description of coming into animation and collaboration.

And how it starts with a “fixation.”

And the importance of being “in” the film (as opposed to a pre-formed concept.).

And the idea of “the film making itself.”

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  1. Joyelle McSweeney

    I think she’s brilliant and I like how she describes her work as ‘shitty’ and ‘crappy’ at the beginning. That work she describes that was her breakthrough sounds, dare I say it, kitschy? Moon over the ocean and a sunrise?

  2. Johannes

    Yes, I think it’s all super kitschy but I like how it’s not ironic, she seems to have no distance from the work (to the point of enacting the movements with her own body in the studio). And I think it’s really insightful about “kitsch” that she went into that zone of art in order to get away from the hierarchical Taste of Art./Johannes

  3. Johannes

    One might say she’s a body possessed by media: http://montevidayo.com/?p=43