on the Poetry Foundation Protests/Arrests

by on Nov.15, 2011 has what seems to be a fairly fair depiction of the Poetry Foundation melee, which we have discussed on this blog at some length (here and here and here).

Here’s the beginning of the article:

One evening this fall, two young activists walked through the bright, modern library of the new Poetry Foundation headquarters and marched up to the glass balcony. Some 30 attendees had gathered that evening in Chicago to hear a free poetry reading, and now many turned to view long, hand-painted banners unfurling from the second floor. With solemn fanfare, the two men, members of a small rebel alliance called the Croatoan Poetic Cell, had launched their latest defense of poetry — shortly before someone at the foundation called the police.

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  1. Kent Johnson

    A letter from J.H. Prynne, the great UK poet, will be coming out in the next couple or three days. The occasion for it is the CPC actions, their broader meanings and connections.

    I’ll post a link here when it does.

    I also believe the complete Salon interview text done by the CPC activists will be appearing at one of the venerable poetry blogs this week. I’ll point to that, too, when it does.

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  3. Kent Johnson

    The bigger Salon interview with the Croatoan Poetic Cell (it opens with reference to the posts and discussion at Montevidayo) is up at John Latta’s Isola di Rifiuti. It’s a really sharp document, providing political/theoretical/poetical context for the actions, answering some of the objections, and so on. Worth a read! There is an excerpt there from a letter the great UK poet J.H. Prynne wrote, commenting on their actions: