A Poem Is A Skin That Ruptures

by on Dec.01, 2011

My piece, “A Poem is a Skin That Ruptures,” is up over at Evening Will Come, along with pieces by Brandon Shimoda and Jennifer Scappettone:

The ha ha albino sky is rotting like meat in the poem’s throat. Sink yr fingers
in2 the creamo dreamo seal meat. Ensorcel yrself 4-evah in loaves of hottie

The poem arranges suitable animals 4 yr maxi yum. Chew until u r reeling
around in yr blubs. Yr bones dripping out.

I am rubbing one out on the horny techno body of the poem. In the middle
of the crime pageant. This is gross retail.

Everyone wants to engage in fancy looking. Yr eyes erupt into horns & u
gore the language matrix. To cheerily participate in wound culture. This is
what it means to write a poem.

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