"The field– it's covered in blood!"– 'Watership Down', 'a world of difference' and the Necropastoral

by on Jan.27, 2012


[[UPDATE: I’m certain there is an occult link between Watership Down and the ‘Bunny House’ sign in the ‘Food Now’ fake protest performance in Dan’s post just below. I think these two ‘training exercises’ are actually one continuous decades long training exercise.]]

Montevidayans, I’ve recently been musing on the feverdream that was the movie, ‘Watership Down’. This trailer pretty much sums it up as I remember it. Except in my memory, ‘heroic bravery’ is completely outweighed by violence, tyranny, and the excellently mis-matched evil eyes of the bad rabbit. And what the narrator calls ‘a world of difference’.¬† I’m going to rewatch this film and write more, but for now, here’s the trailer. Anyone else remember this nasty bit of film?



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  1. Dan Hoy

    Co-sign this post 100%. Will try to rewatch it this weekend. May also rewatch The Secret of Nimh for kicks.

    Secret of Nimh you can watch right now online: http://gowatchit.com/movies/the-secret-of-nimh-5171

    [disclaimer: this link is a plug for my roommate’s incredibly helpful “where can I watch this movie” service called Watch It]

    Though Watership is unfortunately only available on disc.

  2. Kent Johnson

    “The field… [is covered in blood]”

    As in Bourdieu?

  3. D. Oliver

    The worst dreams of my childhood came from this movie. Parents mistook it for a cartoon about bunnies and popped it in the VCR without a second thought.