Deformation Zone, Art + Translation: Available Now from UDP

by on Mar.20, 2012


Ugly Duckling Presse has just put out a double chapbook featuring two essays on translation, one each by Johannes and myself. The title takes its inspiration from the poem Deformationszon by Aase Berg:


Viltstängslet har upphört

fladdermusar fittar sig

kring krubbet

Vårt pösmunkfetto slaggar

I sin goda ro,

somo stötdämpad av svallningar

I knubbet


[Deformation Zone (trans. Johannes Goransson)


The wilderness fence has ceased

flutterbats cunt

around the grub

Our doughnut-fatso slops

in peace and quiet,

as if shock-muffled

by ripples

in the plump.]


If you’re curious about a theory of translation which takes this poem as its zeropoint and cascades out  into two  inverted mirror twinning metastases/theories of translation, then please scoot over to Ugly Duckling Presse and buy a copy.


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  1. Kent Johnson

    I got this in my UDP sub package. I encourage anyone curious about the Golden Gate Translation Bridge for Beautiful Suicides in Poetry to check it out. Lots of spots on that long railing to still jump off from.

  2. Joyelle McSweeney

    That’s one hell of an endorsement, friend! B.T/W, still working my way through Hotel Lautr., hoping to post tomorrow!