by on Apr.12, 2012

We’ve swerved from Bradley Soileau to Japanese Vogue–and now to the world’s top two transgender models, Lea T and Andrei Pejic!

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  1. Seth Oelbaum

    The hottest boys in my estimation are.

    Tyler, the Creator. His rap lyrics are mean and violent. He dresses in clothes that fit him. If he asked me to marry him I’d say yes without blinking probably.

    Harry Reid. I don’t like liberals. But he’s a mouse and, even with one of the most passive presidents ever, he was able to push controversial legislation through the Senate. Animals and power — I like them.

    Mitch McConnell. He talks like a Klansman.

    Lil Wayne because of this: You have to watch the whole thing to understand.

  2. adam strauss

    I’m so cheered that high fashion has finally embraced–at-least started to–transgendered bodies. It, would, tho, be nice if the measure of transgendered success didnt seem to rely on not showing the seams, showing the gap where the shift happens; yes-yes, any intermediate look may appear awkward, but surely it’s philosophically crucial.

  3. Lara Glenum

    Actually, both these models (esp. Andrei) do work that “shows the seams.” If you google Andrei, you’ll quickly see what I mean. And I agree, “intermediate look[s],” are crucial if we don’t want to end up further essentializing gender or keeping our sense of glamor boxed into narrow, rigid categories (i.e. “this is what a sexy woman/transman looks like,” etc.).

    Code slippage is where it’s at, for me. The odd detail. The hybridized signifier. That’s what’s really sexy. Not simply one sex/gender’s ability to seamlessly appear as the other.

  4. Lara Glenum

    Also, if you click on the first picture of Lea T (to enlarge it), you’ll see she’s only barely covering her junk.

  5. adam strauss

    I totally admit I need to look at more picts–I was mainly thinking of a pretty seamless runway shot I saw; I’d love to see these gals walk in person!

  6. Joyelle McSweeney

    And I love the phrase ‘in person’. Person as medium, something you walk in.

  7. adam strauss

    Joyelle–I love your reading of the in-person locution!