by on Apr.10, 2012

Entirely gratuitous. Like frosting on a twinkie. And I’m inaugurating it with Bradley Soileau:


Montevidayans, who is your favorite boymeat?


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  1. Ben K.

    Matthew Suss, duh.

  2. Lara Glenum

    Ben! Links plz!

  3. adam strauss

    Cheers to this!

    I’m not sure who my favorite “boy meat” is–I saw more than one delicious-looking dude today while walking!

  4. Lucas de Lima

    LL Cool J in the 90’s when he started licking his lips.

  5. jt

    Egon Schiele– though there’s little meat on him in this image.

  6. Johannes

    Yes, Egon S.

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  8. Ben K.

    No photos of Matthew exist because you can’t photograph a feeling. This is as close as we can get :

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