Mom Day: A Double Encountering with Forslar Fett / Transfer Fat

by on May.13, 2012

A Double Encountering with Forslar Fett (trans.fer fat Johannes Gorranson from the Aase Berg)

by the Yeasty Beasts ( Feng Carrie Sun Lorig Chen)


-Hal (5)

In this rear-view, a conversation without facing, a pain cattle lorig and I, an immigratingrendel, will grind our “human cylindars” (a la Danielle Pafunda) up to the transfer fat and descriptfat will transfer through our fear, Hal living inside all of us, afraid shapes, fear being the first.
Hal: hal has a face that has been grim maced. he is a robot with a bruise drink. dashes grip to wire and dare god. dare god with fat.

7. Fordon: ForsakenHal the beginning of ignorant psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis be gan primordial stew died soon after flow fat.
7. Fordon: white machines have tender beast feet.  they further chest me. out through my back drops an idle paw, an idle jaw.

9. Unborn Fat: Not personification equal feeling the calm/caul what shapes us. Hal has no mother. My bellybutton has Hal.
9. Unborn Fat: dead lava. dead red tunnels filled with hares startling each other by slowly erupting quiver.

11. In the Hare Cosmos: Being born the ear of the Rabbit am always velve-teen and pray.
11. In the Hare Cosmos: a fish covered in lucky hare feet knocks into the water.

13. Let Time Rock: calm time is nutting but agriculture of skull shard.
13. Let Time Rock: the fat gets into the rocks. it swells into yeastie beasts.

i’m your mommal

15. Smelt: Narcissistic oyster squirts under my mommy, my Aase Berg mom.
15. Smelt: my tiny fish skin is for you. i know you need it for your darkening leak.

17. Hard: When love gets hard the wail turns over.
17. Hard:  a class globe filled with meat tunnels.  point to where you want to see the earth come out of.

19. Core: Collective consciousness absorbs earth the pounded fat rabbit, my brothersister your fur fur.
19. Core: sore pit where fur knocks itself red. where splinters fat taste.

21. Flat Directionings: Being always on the underside, see my mother Kapil’s snail water one cool hot foot one cool hot foot meaning tear snails.
21. Flat Directionings: ung strap lifts me. teaches me core love. teaches me fat linger air.

23. The Meaningless Underside of Bridges: barnacle hobos entrench fatless fat to meaningless undersides turned over in my sleep and a hobo dropped off green bright bounce.
23. The Meaningless Underside of Bridges: “the meaningingless underside.” this is my cometchest crumbling in deep cramp word.

25. The bodywarm: When I make myself sharp I make myself soft and myself stabs.
25. The bodywarm: the further in claw gets warmer. it loves harder. shell life.

27. The Shimmering Inside of Tunnels: Girls parade in a blow ray of feverholen, their shimmering tunnels of luv scream in.
27. The Shimmering Inside of Tunnels: beast cookies for your journey. for your hollow growth.

29. The Shimmering Inside of Tunnels: Shapes swell inside the girls the girls have angles.
29. The Shimmering Inside of Tunnels: root heave. rootberg floats in the soil.

31. Crawlfish: Animals have foreskin knowledge, foreskin unravel to embryonic planet.
31. Crawlfish: haulhowl. fuel lost its grip in the dark.

33. Quantum Tunneling: Broken by brotherboyjaw bones runs the girlnerve doenerve gold nerve cutnerve.
33. Quantum Tunneling: creekcrush. creeeeeeekkkkkkcrusshhhhhhhhh. i flood it with my lung strap.  i hold but get spill bruises.

35. The Deep is Formless: meep meep mammary under power suctions capsules amoeba energy.
35. Powerline: if you are cold, move your body to get a blast going.

37. The White Blubber The Pain: The first vote destroyed Hun Dun destroy os chaos.
37. A Whale Squeezes Its Sluggishness Through a Certain Room: a whale with a beautiful pain mane. whale with the lipoblast hair touching house space apart into water fur.

39. Blades Cut Water: face water saur water.
39. Narwhale – knife whine stuck under the horn swaying about to off from the head.

41. Hole Whale: slap my tires go rubber croc skindle. Want water too, Hal.
41. Hole Whale: whale you are a space ship. you grow space with your fat flow.

43. Birth Rubber: All Wall, friend luther London bridge falling down forever eternal.
43. Birth Rubber: i think we are going to be transformed in the rubber tumbler, mary. i think our swell echoes caves of beasts.

45. Blubber Biter: Oyster girl mother mary puts on leather.
45. Blubber Biter: eventually chapping will give up its hurt stop and let the fat pool soft yells.

helmet whale

47. Whalenut: Nut meaningless underside of bridges/grammermoth ers.
47. Whalenut: my bike helmet is a whalenut. my fingernails are whalenuts.

49. Mince Meat: Too much cheese somehow remembers bombs. We grownuts.
49. Mince Meat: groan clippings.

51. Open the Voter: status of yeast y beast salad.
51. Open the Voter: the toothed whale is ready to digest what he swims through. the unwhale has his fat taken. the sound wave is a blast of pain layer.

53. Mom Choice: Are scratches alive? Videodrome vegetable-
53. Mom Choice: hot pouring swim cloth. warm bubble of milk pops and starts a hare.

fever / ray: you are darkening our fat

55. Existence as an intervention in the surface tension: Have I mentioned the cuteness of nuts in fat? Cuteness as an intervention in the sur face tenshun.
55. Harpoon: up and faceless. a smooth white counter whale.

57. Milk Bullhead: There is violence in cuteness she said.
57. Milk Bullhead: here come the pain heads. they cramp the water into cloud coughs.

59. Milk Hare: I eat milk and get closer to death my chinametal.
59. Milk Hare: cloud throat. white glass of fur feel. fur meal.

61. Babymeat: Bella open your babymeat I will fang it, a void fills with all whale blood all elements all wall.
61. Myling: a baby is a smiling fat tone. a small tree twitch crawls the rootberg to the surface.

63. Fishfeet-Trees: Evolution fandom ran ran ran t be a ox dominatrixxx raze my limb buds.
63. Glad Plain: the cramp fold grip of bone slip, of milk fish eye swimming towards surface bugs. little meats heavy air near them.

65. Nuttering: Volutionary gristle wakes up and sings a hip hop.
65. Nuttering: empty the case. loose it on the counter. on the soil. loose jaws sound quiverfats.

67. Aggregation State Needs a Vehicle: mounds of potatoes transfer hole fate.
67. Aggegration State Needs a Vehicle: i swim in my white shell. my swell cap tights my hair. fights it in f u r ther.

69. Black Fathermilk: Alreadygrief exists for my happy father and I die.
69. The Hare Infects Dad with Rabies: hare track is cowl shaped. neck draped. heave, father, against the tree neck and slow your noise to whale song.

71. Hydrophobia: Before life, there is only texture.
71. Hydrophobia: straps coat us. we float less.

73. Formless Retarded Freedom: Will nut survive. Stay hare.
73. Hydrophone: spore water spread my cheek apart with plant life, with fur life.

75. While the Hare Rustles the Whale is Soft: Hal, I hear your waile.
75. While the Hare Rustles the Whale is Soft: grass stuck in the sand throat. shore wreck vomit.

77. There is Such a Hurry: Bring me hunny bring me jelly.
77. There is Such a Hurry: carve hare a fat bench memorial in a park where he is chased.

79. Shield Turtle: Before the meat retreats make your lifetime budmove.
79. Shield Turtle: a chapstick fat smoothes the grass out of the hare. braid you a shellfish.  a shellkiss feels lack white.

81. Horror: Fish erupt oysters er
81. Horror: there’s something wrong in the arrow space. shells cringe back into the bottom of the crack.

Slow Cone


hare fat blast

83. Alone: Hail.
83. Alone: makes it hang white over the water.

85. Through the Wait: Velvetgirls water always wait for fatwhite drip onto hare, a lift.
85. The Hare Scapel Through the Wait: it drips onto the hare.

87. Gray Hare Through Rock: Being another time, let humans dye gather coal buns the fossil.

89. Hare Critter: Clittor
89. Hare Critter: vibribrates. my gather colors. my lung lashes. my love sound.

91. Umbilical String: Vestigial poison does does not critter through the placental plug.
91. Umbilical String: rushing to water lips with sore drink at the pain track.

93. The Cause-Forcing Fat: Golum I tumbl in the tumblr and lucid dram a torso explosion for the becauses in ground air raid.

93. Estonia:  everyone in the comments is going to sore, mary. everyone is going to hold rocks out of each other’s fat.

95. Bard: Quietness resides in the fight, musclefat rolls.
95. Bard: glow boards shiver the floor. glow knocks my chest into the place where the fish eat.

97. Darewaves: Reading the fighting spirit of the walnut by Hiraide I chasm farther away.
97. Darewaves: darewaves is claw sing. it is choir straps lifting up your lung face. darewaves is girl stocking jam.

99. Fill Empties: A corporate full term bloody put the blood in the laborious.
99. Strict string and Slacken: so title wise. such gauzy title stocking. lifts the calves into space.

101. Fled: in the un glory us.
101. Fled: lost it under the water. slipped out into the bottom where the shells bled.

103. Energy Cracks Form: Continent of scabs I see will be pulled smells salty slab.
103. Energy Cracks Form: bone picks the color of its scab, blurs out breath.

hi, i am a fat land flower.

105. Hal Time: Computers must sing, I kiss your computer, computer dies.
105. Hal Time: a protection of float blur dark. tender machine paws press the window. a glow wire whale songs with nice kill flow.

107. I was scared and I carried you across the fear, child: can I mother language.
107. wallow hold in fear. straps protect blur love in mudfat, in child song.

109. Empty Space: When I lost mother tongue all whales are the shame.
109. Empty Space: i’m sorry i can’t pain straight. i can’t pain smooth counters. i plow claw my feeling face movement.

111. No Longer Even as String: Book placenta plants cancer in me at.
111. No Longer Even as String: voice quiver. voice arrow. voice harepoon. throat bloom flake fat.

113. Singula: Love moves in the ripped out tongue place gush choice.
113. Singula: i am digustingly rot with poem with sore dirt split fat land with space pale with the colored throat of pain power small surface bug with fat layer waiting blasts into my fur slice with darkness. swell feel swell feel swell feel swell feel.

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