Barry Schwabsky on Burning City (eds. Rasula, Conley)

by on Jun.25, 2012

Barry Schwabsky has a very thoughtful review of the anthology Burning City in the online journal Hyperallergic (a good site BTW, dealing mostly with art).

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

The spadework these editors have done is remarkable. Whereas most historically-oriented anthologies give the impression of having been culled mainly from earlier collections, this one has clearly been fed on untold hours leafing through half- or entirely forgotten magazines in seemingly every European language (there are a few Asian writers included as well) in order to convey a “sense of poetry as cooperative and historically contingent” and thereby construct “a multi-sensory Baedeker to the complex traffic of aesthetic impulses.” This is, in other words — as Rasula once described his earlier anthology project, Imagining Language (2001) — “an artichoke of eclecticism held together mainly by sheer profusion.”…

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