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by on Aug.05, 2012

I couldn’t ask for a more satisfying presentation of my writing than this feature on CultureStr/ke, a terrific website that sheds light on the contemporary art, culture, and politics of immigration.  I’m especially thrilled with Lisa Chen’s comparison of me with Filipino artist Manuel Ocampo:

De Lima’s spiritual and political cousin can be found in the fever dreams of artist Manuel Ocampo. His paintings, with their baroque phantasms of Catholic iconography, Nazi symbolism, monster roaches and Klansmen are the bastard products of history.

Of particular interest to Montevidayans might be Ocampo’s series “Kitsch Recovery Pogrom.”  Some of those paintings are here.  But I think I like these genocidal feather-storms from the 90’s most of all:

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  1. Johannes

    Yeah those are amazing looking.