CCM Fundraiser

by on Nov.20, 2012

The good people at Civil Coping Mechanisms, who are publishing my book The Fassbinder Diaries next year, have just kicked off a really intriguing fundraiser. Donors have the chance of recieving gifts of various mysterious types. My own gift will be a box filled with props from a ruined, acid-eaten silent film that might have begun production in Berlin in the 1920s and that was possibly completed in a New York basement in the early 60s. The title of the film is still being deciphered, though its origins are clearly in Pig Latin. The box might be a cigar box or a broken music box. The objects inside will include bits of the remaining script, misplaced postcards, spoons used in unspeakable silent-era games, and other props.

Other gifts include a KTBAFC (Keep This Bag Away From Children) grab bag from Andrew Worthington, and an autographed chapbook and custom-tailored poem from Ana Carrete.

If you like Montevidayo, you’ll like Civil Coping Mechanisms. It’s all part of the same nocturnal orbit.


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