Lisa A. Flowers on Kim Hyesoon

by on Nov.18, 2012

In a review in the Collagist, Lisa A. Flowers make a lot of perceptive comments about Kim Hyesoon’s All the Garbage of the World, Unite!, including its affinities to Suicide Club, David Lynch and Sylvia Plath:

Translated from the Korean by poet Don Mee Choi, (and perhaps gleaning some of its brilliantly effective childish cadences through loss in translation), Kim Hyesoon’s All the Garbage of the World, Unite! comes on like a menstrual-blood filled water balloon exploding in Roy Lichstenstein’s face. Combining the reproductive and bodily horrors of “Eraserhead” with a birds & bees educational filmstrip directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, the second collection by the noted South Korean poet is a pop art nursery, a feminist Kindergarten avant-garde warzone where a shrapnel sheared-off leg with painted toenails is as apt to land beside you as an angry pink Fisher Price toy box spouting womanly fluids.

Read the whole thing here.

I’m really thrilled at all these reviews that are springing up about this awesome book. It seems the poetry world is really discovering her great work – for example, there was that reading with Seamus Heaney in London last summer, a reading in Paris and a forthcoming book in French translation, a Swedish anthology of world poets that included her and Hiromi Ito’s work, etc. For me, Kim Hyesoon’s work is one of the most important bodies of work from the past few decades, whether American or not.

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