A Very Brief Manifesto of the Babyvamp (in response to recent inquiries into the subject of the Heroine, the Young Girl, the Ingénue, and the Cad).

by on Jan.03, 2013

In which the common demon is charm. A fascinating bird suspended by the recitation of verse inside of a material whatever. It’s a costume! It’s a dumb parade. It’s women’s magazines on top of whipped Alps launched across the Mediterranean.

What’s terrifying about sentient weapons. They have joints for arranging structure; they are fitted to move upon one another. Or, time is making a mess of itself out of spite. The Young Girl is a prince destined to murder Time. Murderous Time is set right, there is a frame, an object swells pearlescent out of the air, thinned by a mug of warm twilight.



VAMP (OED) – That part of hose or stockings which covers the foot and ankle; also, a short stocking, a sock. From Old French, avanpié (12th cent.; later French avantpied).

Colloquially, a vampire; another term for a femme fatale.


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