Believe the Hype: Kate Zambreno's Heroines

by on Feb.25, 2013


 Did you hear? Kate Zambreno has written a book about women, madness, writing, illness, the body, theft, fire, the Baroness, girlgossip, ballet, and cute shoes. She’s written a memoir that recognizes property as theft and then she thieves still, as we all do. She’s written wryly, thickly, bloodily, booooooringly, flippantly, critically, tenderly, with a fist full of questions. Right up in your ear with wet breath. & if you’re hawt for archives, Heroines has (silk) drawers full.

(Pssst: What are your automatic thoughts? Not the thoughts you norm or sensor. Do you think people are ugly? Do you want their money? Do you think you’re stupid? Do you think it? Recognize these automatic thoughts and assess how thoroughly you/I/we believe them, those unkempt possums.)

Anyhow: I’d love to see more reviews of Heroines that respond to Zambreno’s examination the effects of chronic illness (both mental and physical), consider the book’s critique of diagnosis, or otherwise give the disability shout-out. I should write that review, I suppose. Until then, I’ll give you the Hollywood-hangover analog reduction. I just watched The Grey, which contains an important lesson about masculinity-capitalism-ableism. One soaking-wet ice-cold hero (whose pretty lady–surprise ending!–spoiler!–died from some invisible illness, leaving him vulnerable/redeemable) half-alive on the shitty banks of wolf town, ready to fight the alpha with nickel nip knuckles. (Don’t get me wrong: I love you Liam Neeson survival films.) Or the heroine:

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