Believe the Hype: re-up on the Taxidermied Animal ^.|.^

by on Feb.27, 2013



The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal understands that if there is an essential self, it’s only the panic that the self will be decimated, lost, or mutilated in that wave of failure that follows all attempts to become less lonely. “Does a person even have life and if so, / then where between fetus / and a me-like political vacuum is the difference?” Maybe it’s in the gutter of the garbage mind, maybe it’s lodged in the tube that runs through each of us with a radio-chemical broadcast. It’s why I’m totally easy and often give it up just for stupid reasons, like for ex. if someone says my name. It’s why when I / crush on someone, I think about how I’m an AWFUL / FATTY smashing into them! Seriously I’m a terrible fatty. / Perverse. A Godzilla pig.
You do it, too, hollow fatties. And if you don’t, you bought the wrong kind of death.You searched the wrong engine. Heikkinen dials the right wrong number on her spirit phone, a cozy failure, bleeding out on Christmas Eve.

Get it at the bookfair, cozy-posies.

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