"Bleeding": Iranian poetry in translation

by on Feb.09, 2013

One of the most exciting translation projects going on right now is Notre Dame MFA student Alireza Araghi’s translation of contemporary Iranian poets, some of whom he is publishing on this web journal Paragrafiti. Working with other MFA students like Drew Kalbach and Thade Correa, Alireza is translating Iranian poets who often are not even allowed to publish in Iran, adding another dimension to this project. Despite the obvious difficulty in working with this group of poets, Alireza hopes to edit an entire anthology of contemporary Iranian poets in translation (I think he has about 50 pages right now). The most recent poem published is “Bleeding” by Arash Allahverdi, co-translated by Kalbach:

…her head emerges from my mouth and teeth
the woman and blood go home
his body dripping with my saliva
blood comes out
blood is something between shame and fury
blood sends the loose woman home in a taxi
blood looks at me
I soil myself
blood pinches his nose
and rushes out of his eye…

For the rest of the poem go here.

Please also excuse me if I sound smug, but to me this is why MFA programs can be incredibly vital: the gathering points of very different writers with very different backgrounds.

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  1. Ryan Sanford Smith

    An amazing poem, we were all really stunned & proud to publish it; the reading by Peter Twal is very good also. I’ve already told Ali emphatically to immediately translate more from Arash…