Reading on Saturday: Johannes Göransson, Rauan Klassnik and Quraysh Ali Lansana

by on Feb.01, 2013

We’ll be reading for the Myopic Reading Series tomorrow (Sat. Feb 1) at 7 pm.

I will be reading from my just-published translation of Aase Berg’s Dark Matter; Rauan will be reading from his just-published book The Moon’s Jaw. We’ll sell some copies for some special rate.

Address: Myopic Books, 1564 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60622

Here’s a poem by Henri Michaux (trans. Richard Ellman) because I have a tendency to compare Rauan’s work to Michaux:

The pain of an abcessed finger is excruciating. But what made me suffer most was that I could not cry out. For I was at the hotel. Night had just fallen and my room was caught between two others where people were sleeping.
So I began to pluck from my skull great drums, brasses, and an instrument which had more resonance than an organ. And taking advantage of the prodigious strength which fever gave me, I made a deafening orchestra of them. Everything trembled with vibrations.
Then, at last assured that in this tumult my voice would not be heard, I began to scream, to scream for hours on end, and succeeded in giving myself, little by little, some relief.

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