by on Feb.23, 2013

Dear All:

Someone is impersonating me online and also using email and social media to spread malicious rumors about me. This is not someone I know personally or have had any interaction with, but I’m told this person has a history of stalking and alleged violence.

If you receive any unexpected or unusual correspondence from or about me, please *do not respond* to the email and, instead, please alert me at (the LSU server should be secure).

Likewise, if you see my name surface on any blogs or in any chatrooms (I’m not currently active in either), please send an alert to the same email address.

Thanks a million for your help.

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  1. adam strauss

    Yikes, thank you for the alert: will for sure let you know if I see suspicious looking posts.

  2. adam strauss

    Am I tripping or yesterday at this blog was there a Lara G response stating “I’m an envious cunt” and was this you? The comment seems to have disappeared tho maybe it’s just not at the particular post I thought and it’s still here? Part of me was rather surprised at that wording, but another part felt it plausible; do these posings display that liminal quality, or are they tending towards the flagrantly “not you” in their vocabulary etc?

  3. Lara Glenum

    No, Adam, that wasn’t me. Case in point. I’m not active on any blogs or in any chatrooms right now (even our beloved MV), so if someone’s claiming to be me in comment streams, etc., it ain’t moi.

  4. Kim

    Lara, I had no idea you were such a luddite!!!

    The ‘cunt’ comment seemed to me a sort of a totally bizarro translation of my remarks about Kept Women. Perhaps it was Lara from Worn Out Joy?

  5. adam strauss

    OK, that makes sense, as I did pause reading that comment. Is what I saw emblamatic? In many ways it seems worse if it is; I’d assume the more the difference between you and the forgeries, the better. The clipped tone rang false; but the use of cunt rang totally almost plausibly, so long as almost is viewed in italics: it also seemed like too plain a use of the term/not hyperbolic enough. I hope this issue resolves itself as quick as quick can: I really don’t envy you your position with this–seems like it wld be terribly stressful.

  6. Lara Glenum

    Yes, Kim, I’m a Luddite to the core. Even opening a box from Amazon can sometimes pose a challenge. No, unfortunately, it’s not Lara from Worn Out Joy.

    Adam, I’m quite ok. The person is obviously in a remarkable amount of pain.

  7. adam strauss

    OK, goodgood–am glad to know “quite ok” reigns these days.

    Sorta random but:

    do you like NW’s The Day Of The Locusts? I just very recently reread it and am FLOORED at its brilliance, one which seems very a la MV.

  8. Lara Glenum

    I haven’t, Adam, but I will scurry to find a copy! Thanks for the head’s up!

  9. Kim

    Wow. Now someone is impersonating me too. I don’t even know what luddite means. This must be how fame tastes like.