New Action Books Books: Oliverio Girondo's In the Moremarrow

by on Mar.05, 2013

Believe it or not, Action Books is attending the AWP. Our table is J24.

This year we’re bringing a slew of new books that I am excited about. We’re not actually releasing them for a few months (we’re trying to follow procedure for once) so make sure you stop by and pick up your copies. I’ll post some info about the different books throughout the day today.

Psychic roads

Open, house
of gray cephalic lava
and confluences of cumulus memories and cosmic lightbeat
house of wings of night of reef of breaking of moon-spangled spasms
and hypertensive tomtoms of unpresence
cabala abode
calla cove
livid medium in trance under the plaster of her rooms for lodgers the dead cross-dressed in breath
metaphysic house multipregnant with neovoices and aridechoes of smothered circuits
demongoddess key that knows death and its compasses its beats
its aphasic drums of gauze
its final flood-gates
and its asphalt.

“In the moremarrow” by Oliverio Girondo (trans. Molly Weigl). I first heard of this book when Molly Weigl read an excerpt at a panel on 20th century Latin American poetry organized by Cecilia Vicuna at an AWP a few years ago (there are things worth going to at the AWP!). I was immediately blown away by the linguistic deformations and lyrical intensity of these poems, and I immediately afterwards walked up to Molly and said I wanted to do her entire book.


“…a milestone in the history of poetry in Spanish. It took half a century for this masterpiece to be translated into English! And this is his moment.” (Cecilia Vicuna)

“In the fabled history of experimental South American modernism, Girondo’s En la masmedula stands alongide Cesar Vallejo’s Trilce as a marker of the fruitful extremes to which that modernism – anywhere & everywhere – can take us. As Girondo’s final great work, Moremarrow blazes new trails in the search for transformative forms of poetry, work as vibrant today as when it was first written.” (Jerome Rothenberg)


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