Believe the Hype: Sarah Vap's Arco Iris

by on Mar.04, 2013

Travelogue, love story, fairy tale, and reportage. Sarah Vap’s Arco Iris travels down the rabbit hole to South America. Her speaker visits the graves we’ve helped dig, and the bright landscapes we’ve long mined for wonder. She tries to buy absolution in the market. She tries to buy a cup of coffee. Vap-Arco-Iris

She reminds us that we can’t tour history, which already owns us, and we can’t haggle our way out of bloodshed. Even the gentlest touch leaves a bruise, which bruise is all that keeps us from radically lonesome isolation.

Every last longing for human contact becomes an act of violence and each abject thing becomes a ghost that floats beside. This is the pact made by two people who have never wanted to be wrong or to think anything wrong. This is love, the chance to drown each other before we drown in the river.

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