Jamie Grefe on Haute Surveillance

by on Mar.19, 2013

Jamie Grefe has a great little spin-off, creative criticism, fan fiction, response through/with/out of Haute Surveillance.


“The sound the body makes is akin to the sound toys make when they burn.” I sent a letter to Rudolf Eb.er, infested as I was by his Hate Operation and cut-up, assemblage, shrieks, psycho-acoustic shamanism. He wore meat on his face, a white shirt and black necktie: screaming meat. There were sealed vomit tubs in the closet, an unfinished painting by the bedroom. We listened to a live recording from Taipei, smoked Japanese to death. Pictures of unknown bodies. Pictures of the insides of bodies. My autopsies went unanswered–that defenestration from Austria, somewhere in Osaka (not the Overlook or the Shining Mansion on the Hill).

“This novel is written like a fashion show dedicated to the rioted body.” For a noise act in Tokyo, I took a cheap white shirt, a shirt and smeared it–dirtied it red, made it better. The photographs that were taken on the were tinted in the screams and shrieks, moans and anti-language of the foreigner. It yellowed and hardened until it turned fashion. Lesson: sometimes the body can be tearing apart a fish with contact mics, a folk loop.

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  1. David Applegate

    Interesting to see Rudolph Eb.er invoked here.

    Johannes, are you familiar with his work at all? There’s not a great deal readily available on the internet, some shots of his Bellmer-esque paintings, an interview, some sound works…

    A record he did under the name Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck titled “Ho” feels similar to some of your work. It’s non-verbal, but the violence of sounds erupting from silence and a commitment to theatricality throughout might interest you. I have no idea where to get it now but could upload somewhere if you like.


  2. Johannes

    I actually don’t know about this person at all. Yes, please let me know how I could get a ahold of it. Do you have it?


  3. David Applegate

    From what I can gather he’s from Switzerland, lives in Japan, possibly as a goat-herd, and participates in a collective called SCHIMPFLUCH dedicated to “training” and “opening up” senses through creative practice.

    I have the “Ho” album in mp3 format which I would be happy to upload (I originally got it from the excellent Mutant Sounds blog, which is semi-defunct now) or burn to CD and mail you. Let me know which you’d prefer.


  4. David Applegate

    The same offer is open to any readers of these comments, by the way, especially if you want to share something strange back in my direction…